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The world of healthcare is all encompassing, covering everything from annual checkups and recommended vaccinations to cancer screenings, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Some healthcare decisions are easy to make such as where to go to get a vaccination, or which pharmacy to use.  The choice of which Hospice and Palliative Care provider to call or even when to call a Hospice and Palliative Care provider is not an easy one.

It is easy to see why discussions surrounding hospice, palliative medicine, and other end-of-life healthcare are so difficult. These decisions are never easy, and the last thing you want is to leave these decisions in the hands of a large and impersonal corporation.

As we see it, one of the biggest problems with the hospice industry is that it has become just that, an industry. As corporations move into the space, it’s easy to lose the personal touch and easy to lose sight of how important personalized care is for patients with serious illnesses and their loved ones.

At Blue Summit Hospice and Palliative Care, we strive to be different, a Georgia hospice staffed by caring medical professionals who understand the stress and uncertainty that accompanies this journey.  We address this with personalized teaching and care plans that bring the focus back to a celebration of life with a cherished loved one, rather than just a medical visit.

From the beginning of our company, we have relied on our team’s extensive knowledge, and we know that top-quality hospice care can only happen when the staff is ready for the task. By focusing on our staff’s professional development and professionalism, we have built a highly educated, supremely compassionate team who are focused on helping our patients and families live each day to the fullest.  We believe in a celebration of life.

We urge you to reach out to our team if you or a loved one needs hospice or palliative care. Even if discussions about end-of-life care are in their early stages, we can guide you through the process with understanding, dignity, and compassion.

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